Into the Ditch: The '60s Demise of the U.S. Auto Industry

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ISBN: 9781457535796
260 pages

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Take a wild and bumpy ride through the world of a Chevrolet assembly plant in the 1960s as seen through the eyes of company employees and executives, rank and file union members and union leaders. The book begins as a union worker sabotages the passenger car assembly line, causing the line to be shut down and all work on the shift grinding to a halt. The company knows who did it and fires the individual. Mike, the youngest Personnel Director in all of Chevrolet, is just one of those involved.


About John W. Guy

John W. Guy, who earned a bachelor's degree in pre-law from Ohio Wesleyan University, started as a college grad in training at Chevrolet-Flint Assembly before moving up to Personnel Investigator, Labor Relations Representative and Supervisor of Labor Relations. He also spent time as a passenger car production foreman-supervisor before returning to labor relations as Supervisor, where his duties ranged from participation in contract negotiations, to working to resolve strike threats, helping with local negotiations every three years with senior UAW representatives and handling day-to-day labor relations issues.



After connecting the rubber hose at the air outlet, Tom grinned slyly as he slashed the hose at its attachment point close to the nipple on the torque wrench. "This'll fix that damn conveyer good," he chuckled. Then he shoved the cut end of the hose, minus the air wrench, into the hopper containing passenger chassis body bolts and walked down the cluttered subfloor pit toward the main conveyer drive enclosure, carrying the wrench in his left hand.


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